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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                221

Paris. Barthelemy sends me word to apply to
the Directory, which I have already done.

We spent a day with the Princess de Bergues
(formerly one of the Queen's ladies) at her house
on the river, which was built for the King's pres-
soir, being originally the place where his grapes
were pressed and his wine made; and both Fran-
£ois Premier and Henry Quatre were very fond of
it, and with great reason. The house is not much
raised above the meadows; in fact, the ground
story is close to the rocks, out of which several
streams of water flow into all parts of the build-
ing. From each end runs out a noble terrace,
under which are the orangery and the kitchen-
garden, on different levels. The rocky mountains,
covered with fine trees, rise almost perpendicularly
behind the house. The whole range or park is
immense. The river sweeps along in front for
some miles, forming a large crescent. Moret, and
many villages in the distance, scattered among

ful, sire," replied she. " Well, then, there is Richelieu."
"He is so clever and agreeable, sire." "Goodóbut there
is Monville, who is dull as an owl." " But he is so hand-
some, and has such a beautiful leg, sirel" " I grant that,"
rejoined Louis; but what excuse have you for the Duke
d'Aumont, who is as ugly as a monkey, and as ill-shaped
as a parenthesis." "Ah, sirel" responded Madame d'E.,
with a deep sigh, "he is so devotedly attached to Your
Majesty I"